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Product Classification
    Bulletproof Helmet Mould
    Bulletproof Vest/Plate Mould
    Bulletproof Shield Mould
    Bulletproof Box Mould
    Knee Elbow Part Mold
    Manhole Cover Mould
    Meter Box/Gas Box Mould
    Other Compression Products Mold
    Urine/Measure/Collecting Cup Mold
    Test Tube and Cap Mold
    Tube Rack, Multi-Purpose Mold
    Drink Medicine Cup Mold
    Disposable Petri Dishes Mold
    Embedded box,Waste Box Mold
    Frozen&Centrifuge Tube Box Mold
    Other Medical Products Mold
    Car Battery Box Mould
    Plastic Spoon、Fork、Knife Mould
    Safety Helmet Mould
    Crate Mould
    Beer Crate Mould
    Stool Mould
    Lunch Box Mould
    Bucket/Barrel Mould
    CD Box Mould
    Plastic Flower Pot Mould
    Plastic Pot/Basin Mould
    Vegetables&Fruits Basket Mold
    Other Plastic Products Mold
    Plastic Pipe Fittings Mould
    Refrigerator drawer mold
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    Mold Processing Production Process

    1. Product design: sample / drawings for the design, we have a professional design staff, with more than 10 years of mold design experience for your mold development escort.

    2. Rapid prototyping of products (if necessary) We have complete machinery and equipment, and in the center of Taizhou mold, one-stop production workshop, saving you time costs.

    3. Mold design: We have a professional technical staff, with more than 10 years experience in mold, escort for your mold.

    4. Mold inspection and mold flow analysis, we have a professional and experienced mold master for your mold factory quality check.
    5. Mold processing (including the use of computer numerical control (CNC) and spark technology)

    6. The first test mode (according to customer needs, for the remote area of the customer, we will be the first time in the form of photos to inform)

    7. Mold modification and striae

    8. Shipping (payment before shipment)

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